Battery Testing & Replacement

Battery Testing & Replacement

Znoelli offers and extensive range of Bosch replacement batteries. These represent the highest possible quality in automotive batteries. We offer FREE battery testing and FREE installation of new Bosch Batteries. Free Phone: 0508 966 355 or Click here to view our contact information

Bosch Battery History
Bosch has been manufacturing batteries since 1927, back when battery ignition for motor vehicles was first introduced. Over time the demand on automotive batteries has continually increased. The modern vehicle is now packed with electronics and safety systems such as SRS and ABS, air conditioning and electric everything. Bosch has kept pace with these developments and provides a range of batteries that meets all the demands of modern vehicles.

Bosch Battery S3 (24 Month Warranty)
Maintenance free and provides economical and reliable power for standard vehicle applications.
Suitable Applications: Standard Vehicles

Bosch Battery S4 (36 Month Warranty)
A powerful maintenance free energy source with long service life and low self-discharge. Suitable for virtually all passenger vehicles.
Suitable Applications: Standard vehicles with additional electronic devices eg. Driving Lights, reverse sensors/cameras, uprated ICE (In Car Entertainment) etc.

Bosch Battery S5 (36 Month Warranty)
Premium maintenance free battery for high performance. Includes Silver Alloy technology to ensure the highest level of starting power and long service life.
Suitable Applications: Modern vehicles with many electronic devices and 4WD's.

Bosch Battery S6 (36 Month Warranty)
The new AGM battery technology by Bosch is absolutely maintenance-free, 100% leak-proof in any position and extremely vibration-proof. Starting too many electrical consumers simultaneously will push a generator to its capacity limits. Basic starter batteries can balance this deficiency a maximum of 100 times at the height of their capacities. After that they begin to loose considerable power, which leads to troublesome starts. The Bosch Battery S6 can balance it 300 times. Its high energy flow rate ensures the output and input of lots of energy. Depending on their equipment, the Bosch S6 is also recommendable for cars currently equipped with a 66 Ah-, 74 Ah-, 88 Ah-, 90 Ah- and a 100 Ah-battery as a standard.
Suitable Applications: Middle-class cars with power starting at 3,500 watts and for vehicles with an extreme cycle load, such as taxis.