Sports Discs - Common Questions & Answers

Sports Discs - Common Questions & Answers

What's a "Slotted Disc Rotor"? A slotted disc rotor is a high performance product that has a number of grooves (slots) to both the front and the back of the disc rotor.

Why is there a left and right rotor? Slotted rotors by design are directional and this means there is a left and right rotor which must be fitted as such. Think about tyres for a moment. Many high performance tyres are directionally designed because you spend most of your time driving your car forwards not backwards. So it makes sense for the tread pattern on high performance tyres to be designed optimally for that direction. Similarly our slotted rotors are also designed for that forward direction.

What do the slots do? They reduce brake fade - Brakes get hot, the more you use them the greater the heat. Brake fade occurs when the heat causes some of the bonding agents to fume or produce gas. This gas on a standard rotor, creates a cushion between the pad and the rotor. As a result your ability to stop is massively reduced. The slots are very efficient at removing that gas and thereby maintaining braking ability. They increase pad bite - The slots have sharp edges that increase the pads ability to grip the disc. This helps the vehicle stop faster. They de-glaze the pads - The sharp edges of the slots "shave" the face of the disc pad. This means that there is alway "fresh" pad in contact with the disc. They help pads wear evenly - The shaving action helps the disc pads to wear more evenly which means that there is more effective pad area available to stop the vehicle. They increase rotor life - As a result of the pads wearing more evenly, the rotors also wear evenly which extends their useful life. They dissipate unwanted contaminants - Water, mud, dust and dirt are all expelled from the disc rotor surface which is especially reassuring in adverse driving conditions.

Can I get slotted rotors for my 4WD? - Yes! Znoelli can manufacture high performance slotted rotors for almost any vehicle. Slotted rotors provide a cost effective method of upgrading your vehicles braking performance. Many vehicles are under braked and this is especially true for lifestyle 4WDs. These vehicles are often the type used for towing trailers, floats and boats and are placing a much greater load on their braking system.

Does your warranty cover motor sport? No. While Znoelli sports rotors would certainly provide benefits when racing, the product only carries a warranty for general road use and not motor sport. Motor sport places far greater demands on automotive components and creates operating temperatures that extend well beyond normal road use. These conditions and temperatures can lead to unwarrantable component failure. Purpose built race cars generally use purpose built components which are engineered specifically for racing and even then the extreme temperatures cause accelerated wear rates. Many dedicated race cars will change a set of discs per race meeting.