S12 Sports Discs

S12 Sports Brake Discs

These are directionally slotted (grooved) to provide benefits such as:

- reduced brake fade through pad de-gassing,
- increased wet performance through the dissipation of water, mud & dirt,
- increased surface area improving system cooling - improved pedal feel through increased friction and pad bite,
- improved rotor life through pad deglazing and of course
- they look more purposeful behind alloy wheels.

Enduromax Heat Treatment

These discs are "Enduromax" Heat Treated. This is an extensive heat treatment process that improves the discs resistance to cracking and distortion. The Enduromax treatment process improves the disc microstructure to create a more uniform hardness throughout the disc which results in reduced wear rates.

TTP (Thermographic Temperature Paint)

These discs have "TTP" (thermographic temperature paint) installed. This is a special heat sensitive paint that indicates disc rotor core temperatures.

TTP helps with:
- the "bedding in" process of brake discs on closed circuit tracks - the monitoring of brake disc maximum temperatures - providing system data that can aid tuning and trouble shooting.
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