Brake Fluid is the life blood of your brake system. It is a safety critical service item that is far too often overlooked by motorists. Brake fluid is hygroscopic (it attracts moisture) and its performance deteriorates over time. As little as 5% water content in your brake fluid can reduce the boiling point of the fluid by as much as 42%. In the case of DOT 4 fluid, that's a drop from 260C to 155C. Suddenly the risk of a complete brake system failure is very real. Boiled fluid simply results in the loss of your brakes. Aside from the safety risk, old & dirty brake fluid also leads to the premature wear and failure of other brake system components such as master cylinders, wheel cylinders, brake hoses and brake calipers.

Generally speaking brake fluid has a service life of around 2 years. If it is the colour of coffee then some maintenance is required immediately. Like brake hoses, brake fluid is a relatively in-expensive item to service so it is only prudent to maintain your brake system.