Wheel Spacers - Znoelli wheel spacers provide a solution to a modern problem and enable the custom modification of a vehicles front and/or rear track. Znoelli wheel spacers are removable and consequently allow the vehicle to be easily returned back to standard or changed for different track conditions.

Solution to a modern problem - In many cases, it is not possible to fit modern offset wheels on to older vehicles, thereby limiting the style and size of wheels for those cars. Znoelli wheel spacers provide a solution to this problem by enabling both the offset and the stud pattern to be altered.

Wheel Track Modification - Znoelli wheel spacers allow a vehicles track to be altered thereby changing its handling characteristics. Znoelli wheel spacers allow a bolt on bolt off quick change modification that can be implemented on race day to set up for various circuits. Znoelli wheel spacers can alow the multi-role use of a vehicle, by switching spacers for circuit, drag and street use. Znoelli wheel spacers simply provide a greater range of options in vehicle set up and performance.

Materials & Construction - Znoelli wheel spacers are manufactured from 6061 T6 tempered aluminium billet. This material is strong and it's yield strengths suitable for this application. Weight is a critical factor in suspension performance so aluminium not only provides the strength requirments but is also much lighter than steel equivalents.

Znoelli wheel spacers that are of the adapter type are both hub & wheel centric. This means they are manufactured to run on a given vehicles hub. The wheel is then also supported in a similar fashion by running on the spacers machined flange. This relieves stud stress and adds overall strength.

Custom Made Spacers - Znoelli can custom make wheel spacers to your requirements with a delivery lead time of around 3-5 working days. Contact us with your requirements or download and fill out our MaxTrak custom wheel spacer form here: Downloads/MaxTrak