Workshop Services

Workshop Services

Vehicle Servicing & Repairs

Znoelli offers and extensive range of "all makes" vehicle servicing and repair options, so if you simply need a breakdown repair to get you mobile again, or you're interested in Scheduled ongoing servicing to keep you vehicle in top condition, contact us to find out how we can help, after all our advice is free. Free Phone: 0508 966 355

Some of our services include:

ABS repairs (Anti-Lock Brake System)
Air Conditioning system maintenance, re-gassing, diagnostics and repairs
Battery Testing and Replacement
Brake System Servicing, Maintenance and Repairs
Cooling System Servicing Maintenance and Repairs
Driveline Systems including CV Joints, CV Boot replacement, Wheel Bearings and Hubs
Fuel System - Fuel Filter changes, Fuel Injector testing and ultrasonic cleaning, Fuel pumps and Fuel electrical system diagnosis and repairs
Oil System Service - Oil and Filter changes
SRS repairs (Safety Restraint System)
Suspension System repairs
Wheels Tyres & Balancing
Engine Tuning and performance upgrades
Chassis development and performance tuning
Race Car development and tuning

Scheduled Servicing

To look after a vehicle properly, extend it's life and limit long term cost, it should have a "Service Schedule". All warranted new cars are in fact sold with a service schedule and the breach of this schedule also breaches the manufacturers warranty.

What we do is offer to help you continue that philosophy of "Scheduled Servicing" after your vehicle's warranty has expired.

For any given vehicle we can "generally" categorise service items into three types:

1. Regular Service Items (typically every 10,000kms). An example would be Oil and Filter replacment.
2. Semi Regular Service Items (typically every 20,000kms). An example would be an Air filter element replacement.
3. Component Life based Service Items. These are items that have a variable or specific replacement cycle based on the individual component. An example of a variable life item would be brake pads, where the replacement interval is dependent on the driver, driving style and even specific brake system design. An example of a specific life item would be a cambelt. This item has a specific life set by the vehicle manufacturer and must be done within this time frame to avoid potentially expensive engine damage should the item fail from extended use.

From this we have developed vehicle specific "Service Schedules" that enable you to properly maintain your vehicle, effectively manage your budget for vehicle running expenses and reduce overall costs by way of preventative maintenance.

Customer Loyalty Discounts & Vouchers

Regular servicing through Znoelli results in savings. Customer loyalty is rewarded with discounts on consumable variable items such as brakes, batteries and tyres as well as vouchers that can be spent on anything we do!