ZDP0121.02 SP500 Brake Pads (DB1491)

Product Details
These are Znoelli SP500 Performance Brake Pads

-Great all around performance
-Excellent Cold Performance
-Maximum continuous working temp 550 deg C (Spike temp 650 deg C)
-Excellent pad density for great wear characteristics.
-Organic non asbestos
-Recommended for use with all Znoelli Brake Discs

Znoelli SP500 brake pads represent great all around performance. Fit with confidence and peace of mind knowing that when you need to stop fast, you can. Whether you're off to the shops, towing a heavy load, driving on winding roads or testing your skill at the track fit SP500's for great performance. Znoelli SP500 disc pads are design as fast road replacement product. They have a good friction coefficient and work well from cold. Znoelli SP500 brake pads are an organic semi-metalic compound with a maximum working temperature of 550C. These compliment our Sports Brake Disc range and are recommended for use with every Znoelli Sports Disc option.

Cross References: DB1491, D7055

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